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daddy. Ish da? +30 times in row

I think “love” is when you answer the same question your son ask +30 times in row with a smile on your face. Adnan my almost 3 years old son asked me “Ish da?” (what is this?) pointing toward a yellow flower we saw in a Japaneses garden in our trip to Malaysia this year March 2016, I answered him in Arabic 15 times (Warda) and in English (Flower) as i usually do to increase his chances in learning two languages faster when he grow up.

Every time he asks me I feel happy. I look him in the eyes and stop for a moment, answering his question with different tones. sometimes with an exciting tone and sometimes with a doll one. looking at him while he is processing my response, amused with the view. His curiosity spins between his eyes and lips.

I never thought I would be this patient, but apparently fatherhood grant you super powers which makes you a superhero in your kids eyes when they get in trouble. I still run to my dad when I get stuck and need guidance and even if I did not follow his advice, It feels safe to hear his thoughts and ideas regarding it

it makes me proud that my son ask questions and turn his head toward me waiting for an answer, knowing that he does not feel bad asking me makes me feel i’m doing the right thing, knowing that he is processing the response and he needs me to repeat it makes me sure he has a determined personality which will serve him when i’m not around.

The time I spent answering his questions pay back when he suddenly use “flowers” in the middle of an innocent sentence, he might not get it right the first time but there is a cell in his brain stored this piece of information and my next project is to connect the dots until he can express his thoughts.

Yes Fatherhood is a long trip with no return ticket, once you go this road  there is no coming back, you will always carry their happiness and sad moments with you for the rest of your life, it’s like you have another piece of yourself detached, running all over the place doing all sort of stuff that you have to embrace

if you haven’t experienced fatherhood yet on purpose (delaying marriage, or delaying having kids). you are missing on something special. This is a bond that you cannot replicate even with your soulmate.

If you have kids and busy with something else (making money, expanding your business, getting a better job) then you should always take a moment and step back, look around and evaluate what’s important. I took this step during this vacation where i spent quality time with family disconnecting myself from everything else kept me busy the whole year

Your dad and mom did answer your simple questions when you were young, I even believe they still do. Do not neglect the fact that they gone through the same experience, raising you to be the person you are today. if they are still alive then always say what you feel toward them, in your family what’s app group or in person, hug your mom when you go for a visit, she needs it. talk to your sister more often she needs someone to listen, advice your youngest brother and say Hi to your older brother.

Your family, parents and siblings are more important than everything else. they don’t want anything from you beside yourself. It sounds cliche but sometimes I forget and I need a reminder. and this is a letter for the future me to remind me if I forget again.

Thank god for the blessing of having kids and a family. If you are tying to have this gift then I truly hope that god grant your wish and once you receive it, be patient and grateful, it’s not a burden, it’s something you need to have to feel complete.




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